Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First CPE Event

Mike and I attended our first Canine Performance Events (CPE) Trial over the weekend. After attending 2 American Kennel Club (AKC) trials (as spectators), I couldn't help but notice a huge difference in atmosphere. I'm not sure if it was the sponsoring kennel, the judge, or CPE in general but it was a much more relaxed and positive atmosphere with lots and lots of novice Agility teams!
I met some fellow Agility Underground teams: Michele (Ransom) and Amanda (Kismet & Minnie) were so friendly and they took me under their wings and answered my many questions. I also got to cheer them on for their Fullhouse runs!

While I really enjoyed the AKC Agility Trials that I've attended, I left both of them feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. Spending time at this CPE Trial left me with the feeling that I now had an attainable goal for Gilda and myself!

CPE offers the following events:

You can read the rules for each of these at the CPE website http://www.k9cpe.com/ under the 'Rules' tab.

I am interested in working toward a Level 1 Standard Run (no teeter; no weave poles) and a Fullhouse Run.

Fullhouse is interesting because the handler directs the dog through a course of their own design in order to score points within a 30 second run. In the Fullhouse Runs that I watched, the dogs were required to complete 3 Jumps (3 of a kind), 2 Circles (Tunnel, Tire, Chute), and a Joker (A-Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter) to complete the Fullhouse.

There were no faults given, only points accumulated. This is something I feel we can work towards and something which will help Gilda become acclimated to the Agility Trail environment. I guess that means we better get out there in the 2 feet of snow and practice, practice, practice!

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