Monday, December 13, 2010

Video Yourself!

How much has this Agility thing gotten to me? Well, when I was offered the chance to have some video taken on a Sunday (meaning I'd have to miss the first hour of the Steelers game), I accepted without hesitation. My family and friends will never believe this but I swear it's the truth.

The brief session was well worth our time and I would encourage all novices who are starting to sequence obstacles to have someone videotape them.
Handling still feels very unnatural to me and it takes alot of thought and concentration on my part to even try to get it partly right. With all of that going on in my head, I find it very difficult to see what Gilda is doing. (Most of the time she looks like a little gray blur anyway)

I found that the videos gave me some really good feedback. It was also nice that I could watch it while I was relaxed and not trying to keep a busy dog occupied.
I could see things in the video that I wasn't even aware of. In one clip, I'm alongside the A-Frame with my outside arm raised saying "Climb!". Good right? Not really since at that point Gilda is already flying over the apex way ahead of me! In another clip, I can see her coming off of the obstacle early and moving toward me... A sign that I tossed the tug toy way too late. I didn't realize these things until I actually saw them on the video!

Where are these videos you ask? It seems in additon to learning Agility and Blogging, I also need to learn how to do some editing!

[No luck with the editing so here is an uncut version of Gilda's A-Frame]

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Eric Sutherland said...

You only get to see the dog for about two seconds, but nice video.