Thursday, December 2, 2010

WTG Gilda!

Gilda had a great class last night thanks in large part to her 'Jess Sessions'. Working with an experienced and patient handler like Jessica did wonders for Gilda's ability to follow cues.

{Our AU friends :) }
Gilda performed her first Double Jump and first Winged Jump obstacles and seemed really excited about jumping in general.

Even more exciting though, Gilda was able to sequence 4 obstacles with turns (Winged Jump, Tunnel, Jump, Jump) with me as her handler! This is a huge accomplishment for both of us.

Gilda also seems to be learning that Agility class means work, not play and her racing off episodes during class are shorter and less frequent. Each small step makes Agility that much more exciting. I can see now how so many people catch the Agility Bug...

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