Thursday, January 13, 2011

Overjoyed and Overwhelmed...

Class was cancelled Wednesday night thanks to the most recent Lake Effect snow storm so I scheduled a practice session in the AU building this morning.

I am amazed at what my little dog friend is capable of retaining and performing each time we go. Don't get me wrong, we still have too many 'sniffy sessions' and occasional 'zoomies' but she also shows improvements each and every time.

Today after warming up, we did some Jump Recall exercises and then worked on Gilda's 2on/2off using the raised board. She stuck like glue from the first attempt! She jumps off the end of the board and then just plants her front feet and there she stays with her head up. It's all very cute. Gilda is now able to perform the 2o/2o as I'm running by. This was her major accomplishment for the session.

{Not agility related...just a favorite pic of Gilda and Jake, the biggest lab alive}
I laid out a 6 obstacle course ending with the Chute. Since she hadn't worked with the Chute in quite awhile, I decided to backchain the sequence... and she refused to go through. So much for that approach.

Our course was very straightforward: Jump, Jump, Jump, Tunnel (front cross), A-Frame, walk board with a 2o/2o (not a regulation obstacle but quite convenient). Gilda held her start line stay and performed this sequence 3 times! I find it hard to believe she is following my cues but I'm pretty certain that she couldn't run the mini-course without me so she's following something!

We also continued working on the (scary) Teeter on its lowest setting. Gilda was really eager to get on it today. She is willing and able to enter it on the low side, walk the entire distance pushing it to the ground (maybe 2") and then perform a 2o/2o. She will not do this from the high side! Once she pushes it down, she jumps off and then enters in the middle. Even so, we have made strides on the Teeter!

We then worked on the channel Weaves using 6 poles. I was able to recall Gilda through the fully opened Weaves from both directions. When I closed them halfway, she was inconsistent, sometimes 'weaving' all 6 poles and sometimes leaving 2 off of the starting end. It is really exciting to see her starting to weave. I'm wondering what style of weaver she'll be.

It is difficult as a novice to keep up with everything. Gilda is making gains on some equipment while losing on others (she also refused the tire jump). And then there is all of the work on the flat and the handling skills... I just keep focusing on our small gains and the fact that we are both having so much fun.

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