Sunday, January 2, 2011

Practice Makes Progress

We had our second solo training session in the AU building today. Mike came along to video and act as technical support designing courses and adjusting equipment.

We started with our usual warm up and then worked on our 2o/2o. Today Gilda did great in both directions but is still working to understand that she needs to hold the position even when I'm running by.

Later, we mapped a course and attempted it. As always, Gilda did better (and ran faster) than me!

We mapped a second course which was better for both of us with just one sticking point. It wasn't until hours later that I realized what I was doing wrong. I so wish we could go back and try my new coreography!

Gilda truly seems to enjoy her part of Agility. I noticed that now when she is unsure of what to do, she turns and comes toward me looking for direction. In the not-so-distant past, she would run off as fast as she could and start sniffing. I'd say that's some progress!

To bring the activity level down, we did some Teeter work with the Teeter at its lowest setting. Using a clicker and treats, she was eager and willing to get on the teeter and we quickly had her walking across it making movement and noise! She really is a good dog.

It was a great session and I'm excited to report to Linda and Jessica about it.

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