Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sloth Happens

Unfortunately, I let the excesses of the Holidays take over my life and not much was getting done by way of agility training!

I signed Gilda up for her first solo training session at AU to change my bad behavior...
On 12/30/10 we started off with a 3 minute warm-up session doing heeling, direction changes and recalls. Gilda seemed to get her "Agility Legs" quickly despite my sinful ways ;). Next, we did some single jumps with recalls and progressed to 2-jump exercises. I looked at the clock and only 10 minutes had elapsed!

With Gilda still in semi-calm mode, I decided to work on her 2on/2off skills using the elevated board that she was used to. I was shocked that 'remembered'! What I found interesting was that initally, she would only perform the 2o/2o in one direction. After a few attempts however, she was performing both ways.
Next, we tried the 2o/2o on the Dog Walk which went well as long as I stopped at the end of the obstacle with her.

I put Gilda in a crate and attempted to design my first obstacle course ever! Luckily, I benefitted from a recent run-through at the building and a beautiful course was all but laid out for me. (One thing I realized quickly was that I had no idea how to adjust any of the equipment except for the jumps!).

The course was: Jump, Dogwalk, tight turn back to the Tunnel, Jump, Jump, Jump, Table.

For some reason, I was unable to communicate the first jump so after 3 attempts, I left it out. Gilda was able to complete the remaining 6 obstacles three times in a row for me. At the end of of the last jump, she was way ahead of me racing for the table. I'm always behind her thinking, "how the heck did she know?".

Today will be our second solo practice with Mike taking some video (which I may or may not post!)

Happy New Year to all!!!

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