Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neither Rain, nor Snow, nor Sleet, nor Hail...

{Our Fearless Leader}
"One of the things I find so wonderful and engaging about dogs is that training starts slowly, progresses in small steps and, then, like a small yet palpable miracle, there is a magnificent leap forward in understanding and performance.
It is at this point that I think the dog begins to internalize the game and learns to like it. No -- learns to love it! – and agility becomes reinforcing in and of itself.
Now you can incrementally build higher and higher value into obstacle performance, and sequences become intrinsically rewarding.  Also, as a bonus, you can begin to concentrate on your own handling! Very reinforcing for the human part of the team…"
~L. Randall

Gotta love Linda  for braving the storm and having class for us tonight! It was well worth my time I can tell you that. Gilda tore off after Wally once and had a few minor 'zippy' episodes but is really starting to focus on me and what I'm asking much more each class.

Tonight we introduced the Offset Lead Out (I'm thinking I have the name wrong but that describes it fairly well). We also did some Front Cross work. Why Oh Why is something so simple, in fact so difficult to perform??

We also introduced the Broad Jump which, after a bit of coaxing actually went well.
{Broad Jump}

We ended with some short sequences which were fun and informative and included a Front Cross and a  'Push' from the tunnel to a Jump.

Amazingly, Gilda performs much better when I do what Linda tells me!

Apparently a big part of Agility is learning to think like a dog...

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BRUTUS said...

Hey there Dee-
Checked your blog a few times before, never got the chance to comment though. Great work here! Love the quote from Linda. Amanda & I also braved the storm that night & had a fabulous training session!!

We too are hopelessly addicted to blogging, as I believe you already know. Great way to chronicle your progress! Have had a 2-year relationship with blogger ourselves, stop by & say hi :)

Michelle (Brutus & Carmen too!)