Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No News is Mediocre News

{Gilda & The Weave Poles}

Gilda and I had a rather dismal practice on Monday. She morphed into 'Sniffy McSnifferson' and I was not in a real authoritarian mood that afternoon. I was able to get her to perform the full-height Teeter with 2on/2off multiple times so I think we are ready to "name" it now. She also did some pretty respectable Weave Pole practicing.
I was amazed that she continually 'lost interest' while sequencing obstacles as that's where her concentration usually comes into play. She would do Jump, Dog Walk Tunnel and then just drift off sniffing while I was trying to complete Jump Jump Tire!! This is a new development that I'm not entirely thrilled about.
Tonight is a 'School Night' and tomorrow is Gilda's official Doggie Brigade Photo Shoot so I should have some news to blog about soon...

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