Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy As a... Dog

Just a quick update as Gilda has been very busy already this week...
Sunday Gilda had a 7 mile walk with Mike.
Monday Gilda walked 6 miles, swam across a large pond (at an undisclosed location) and then had a very successful hour at Akron Children's doing hospital visits. While still vigilant and slightly stressy, she is already showing signs that she is getting more comfortable with her surroundings. She is always happy to see kids and get attention from the nurses. She seems amazed that all the nurses know her name! (I wonder how that could be?) This was Gilda's final mentoring session so she is now officially a Doggie Brigade member!
Tuesday Gilda walked 3.5 miles in the rain and then had a very good Attention at Heel class. This was week 3 and she is already entering the building with more confidence and is extremely happy when 'Work Time' begins. She still likes to give the ole BC stare to the only reactive dog in the class, a young GSD, which inevitably sets off poor Dana and leaves Gilda looking bewildered about why a dog is barking its head off at her!
Today we may pond swim (legally this time) before going to our beloved Agility class tonight.
Happy Wednesday everyone... Arf!

{Spring = Swim}

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