Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Working Outside

Our second class of this session was held in the outdoor agility area. Gilda met her new classmate, Cooper, a beautiful 3 year old Australian Shepherd, and was able to work very well in close proximity with him.

We did more work on turning obstacles and 7-obstacle sequencing using Backchaining. We also worked on Obstacle Discrimination using the the A-Frame and a Tunnel entrance right next to the A-Frame. I was astounded at Gilda's accuracy as it didn't even seem like she was looking at me but somehow knew which Obstacle to take! Linda assures me that she was following my handling cues but I prefer to think she's just a genius!

All was going very well until... Cooper voluntarily took the Teeter instead of a jump. As I saw it happening, I had a treat ready for Gilda for the moment the Teeter hit the ground but it didn't help much. From that point on, Gilda stressed down anytime anyone approached the Teeter! Part of the issue was that Cooper is a big fan of the Teeter and prefers it to the Tunnel! Around the same time Gilda started reacting to the Teeter, Cooper started refusing to take the Tunnel any way, shape, or form. These 2 were quite a pair!!

Somehow, this week has gone by with no practice at the building! Our goals going forward are going to be stress-free practices with Jungle Gym Teeter and Weave Poles...

Happy Spring!

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