Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gilda The Wonder Pup

Many of you have heard this story. I'm putting it here for those who haven't...

Gilda's favorite thing to do in the whole universe is to play fetch in the water. We can no longer take her to Bow Wow Beach to do this because A) once in the water, she won't come out and B) she barks incessantly at anyone and everyone with a tennis ball in their hand which is very annoying for everyone.

{Pond Fetch!}

With the recent heat wave, I took both dogs to a friend's pond because it was far too hot to walk Gilda. I thought it would give me a chance to practice recalling Gilda from the water using the toss of the toy as a reward. Pico was tied to a huge Pin Oak so that he was in the shade.

While Gilda was swimming after the toy, I'd do some clicker training with Pico. Going back and forth in the 93 degree heat got old real fast and I decided to let Pico drag his leash for awhile. He was doing great staying near me, investigating the water, and watching Gilda.  And then, in a flash, he was off and running and headed straight for the road! In case you didn't know it, chihuahua's are speedy!

{Pico behaving &
Gilda in her glory}

I took off after him yelling, "Pico! Come!" in a panic-stricken voice. Before I knew it, Gilda was out of the water and blazing past me and all I could imagine was that they would both be hit by a car!

Before I finished my thought, both dogs were hurtling toward me and I realized that Gilda had gone to herd her brother back to safety! All I can guess is that she heard the distress in my voice and she came to save the day!

Once Pico was safely back in custody, Gilda was back in the water waiting for the toy to be lobbed for retrieval as if it was just all in a day's work for her. She truly is a Wonder Pup!

{Protective Big Sister}


Catalina said...

Wow! What an amazing dog Gilda is!
My agility instructor has had to use her BCs to round up dogs that run away during a lesson, but they also herd her sheep, so it's not quite as amazing as Gilda figuring it out all on her own. Yay Gilda! What a good big sister

Jenn said...

Good Girl, Gilda!