Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 Steps Forward... One Step Back...

Gilda is having a difficult time in Agility class. As usual with dogs, the reason isn't immediately clear to us humans. In the last month we have had extreme heat and humidity, a new dog in the house, and new flooring at Agility Underground. [The new Astro turf is wonderful!It is soft and cushy and has to be better for the dogs. Handlers are allowed to run barefoot on it which takes me back to childhood!] Gilda could also be worried about something we aren't even aware of... who knows?!
At Linda's suggestion, we are pulling Gilda out of her group class and back into private lessons for awhile. At least that way, no other dogs will perform the dreaded Teeter and set her off! We are also going to borrow a Teeter and practice at home.

{Oh that face!!}

With Gilda's background, setbacks aren't a huge surprise. As smart as she is, learning often takes longer than 'normal' because we have to first work so hard to overcome her fears so that she can learn.

I have watched many online videos of what appear to be confident, obedient, driven dogs. Often, the videos are accompanied by a blurb written by the handler that describes the great trials and tribulations they have gone through to get their dogs to this point. I believe that Gilda is one of those dogs and that it's just a matter of time, patience, and perseverance.

{Me & My Gilda}

We will be moving forward together soon!

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gotspots said...

Keep working hard Gilda! And you too mom. With time, everything will work out. I'm experiencing teenage fear with Doc now and sometimes it's so hard to keep pushing forward but I know we have to and we'll get to the other side eventually :-/