Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back on the Grid

After quite a hiatus from Agility, we are back from vacation and back 'on the grid' so to speak. Gilda (and Pico) had 2 weeks off from training of any sort!

{Vacation's Over!}

Today we started back to Agility classes with surprisingly great success on the dogs' part. (Not surprisingly, I was the rusty one!) Our main goal continues to be keeping Gilda in a "happy dog" state and to reinforce any and all willingness to move on her part.

Linda, thankfully, kept reinforcing the importance of continuing on even if an off-course occurred. It helps me greatly to be reminded of this just prior to each sequence!

Gilda was willing to run, Jump, Scale, and Tunnel quite happily. She didn't have any episodes of running off nor did she hide in any tunnels. She's just going to take more time and patience than the average Agility dog...

Pico is different from Gilda in oh so many ways! Nothing (besides being separated from me) seems to scare him at all. He is extremely food- and praise-motivated and will continue to work for either for as long as someone is willing. I was very surprised to find that despite not practicing, he had no problem with sends to the tunnel or trotting across the board. I'm not sure yet whether or not we'll pursue Agility with him but he has taught me a lot already about how different dogs can be when it comes to training!

I think our time off has given all three of us the spark that we needed to get going again!

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