Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Gild-more

Gilda is never quite as happy as Pico to get in the car. Once I park the car at Agility Underground though, Gilda is the more excited one! (Pico is excited, he just doesn't know why!). This week was no exception. Gilda was very excited walking to the building and seemed like she just couldn't wait to get started.

We started the lesson with Pico and I could hear Gilda softly whining in protest from her crate. Normally, I might find this a bit annoying however, I was thrilled! To me, this was a sign that for the first time in months, Gilda was showing signs that she'd rather be playing Agility than sitting in a crate...

Making sure that Gilda could see us from her crate, we introduced Pico to the Teeter. Using C/T, we just had him get on and start his 2o/2o being sure he didn't actually move the Teeter (which is pretty easy with a 7.5# dog!) On our next exercise, Pico showed his first signs of Agility nerves when I handed him to Linda so that she could place him on the horizontal plane of the Dog Walk. His 'Bad Little-Dog' attitude came out and he growled and nearly bit Linda on the face! (I keep reminding him that this is precisely why many people don't like little dogs). Despite his stress, he was willing to run down the Dog Walk beautifully. He is also starting to send through a second curved Tunnel out of a Tunnel! Exciting stuff when he's not being embarrassing!

{My Favorite Mutts}

Gilda came out of the crate ready to work so we wasted no time on 'Happy Games', we just started to work on sequences and she was great! She was speedy, jumping well, and very focused on watching for cues from me. This is how people catch the Agility bug I think because when your dog is clearly having fun, it's a great feeling!

Gilda was able to perform some beautiful simple 6- and 7-obstacle sequences (and would have done more if I could have remembered the sequences!). At one point when we were near the Teeter, Gilda got right on it willingly. Linda made sure it didn't move and Gilda got a C/T for being so brave. When class was done, we too Gilda to the Teeter, had her get on for a C/T, gave her an "okay" release cue and ended class. Linda's plan is to end class like this for awhile to take the stigma out of the Teeter.
This was by far our best and most successful class in a loooong time!

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