Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I decided to change things up a little and we took the Wobble Board to the Park with us. With Pico in the crate, I worked with Gilda first. She hates the Wobble Board as much as the Teeter. She was able to get 2 front feet on so I C/T and acted all happy about it. She still flinches and jumps when the thing moves even a hair. We are still working in the grass so that it doesn't make noise and send us back to beginner class!
Next I kenneled Gilda where she could watch and brought out Pico. The Wobble Board is a piece of cake for Mr. Fearless and he acts like he can't believe he's getting food for something so easy! Today we worked on him getting on from the high side. He's not as quick to get on but he did well. I have not named the Wobble Board for either dog as it's more of an exercise leading to the Jungle Gym Teeter and (hopefully!) the Teeter.

After our walk, I worked a few 2o/2o with each dog using the parking curb. Gilda has done this a lot and does well. Once she gets on, I give her the "Two" cue and then C/T.
Pico is just learning about 2o/2o. He quickly figured out that I wanted him to get on the curb and walk using C/T. I captured 3 2o/2o and was quite pleased with both of us! I have not named the "Two" cue for Pico yet.

{Training is hard work!}

Both dogs are now laid out as if they'd run a marathon! Ah the benefits of dog training!

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