Thursday, December 1, 2011

Agility Therapy

So often our Wednesday class rolls around and I wonder if I can even get myself, let alone the dogs, there! Yesterday was one of those days. I had lots of things to do and felt unprepared for class. I did however, have my pumpkin-tuna fudge treats ready!(Recipe below)
I decided that it would be much easier if I didn't take Pico along and then had a change of heart on the way out the door and brought him along. We are both glad for that...

{Therapy in Action}

As usual, Agility Class was the best thing I could have done for myself and our dogs!

Gilda is once again warming up off-leash with only Linda and her gosh-darned treats as a distraction! (Details below)

Linda was preparing a Snooker course and decided that it would be good for Gilda and I to start learning the game.

[Here is a good article about Snooker and point scoring]

Very basically, Snooker consists of an Opening Sequence and a Closing Sequence.

We started by learning our 'Closing Sequence' which was: Blue Tunnel(2), Dog Walk (3), Red Tunnel (4), Single Jump (5), Triple Jump (6), Red Tunnel (7).

Other than a little handling issue (!!) between 4 and 5,  Gilda was moving a little slowly but was willing to play the game.

Next, we began to add in the 'Opening Sequence'. Linda had 4 red jumps set up. The goal for the Opening is to perform one red jump followed by any obstacle, another Red Jump followed by any obstacle, a third Red Jump, followed by any obstacle, the fourth red jump, followed by any obstacle, and then the Closing Sequence. (note that Red Jumps can only each be used once).

With our limited amount of class time and our goal of keeping Gilda de-stressed, we were able to perform half of the Opening followed by the Close. This was an 11 obstacle sequence which was great for us! Way to Go Gilds!

Now it was Pico's turn... We started by sending through a curved tunnel two times without issue. Next, we showed him the chute for the first time. He was quickly willing to go through the chute with Linda holding it open with one hand and that dang baby food in the other (again, see below).

We then moved to another area of the building to send him through another tunnel. This perplexed him but he was eventually willing to send. As we were working on Jumping, another member came through the door and Pico tore off to investigate (or maybe attack, who knows these days). Suddenly, the chute caught his attention and all 8 pounds of him performed his first closed chute! Good Boy Picasso! We finished our Jumping practice (again some handler training) and ended the class. I know I felt better and I think the dogs did too.

Now for the treats issue...

For the last three weeks, Linda has brought along some homemade Tuna Fudge treats and they are all Gilda has wanted! To the point of following Linda around as though she is the pied piper of dogs. I swore that I would make some for this week's class, and I made this version from Henry's handler, Marilyn :)

{The allure of Tuna Fudge!}

Not to be outdone, Linda showed up with a jar of chicken baby food which caused both dogs to trail her every move despite the freshly made Tuna Fudge in my hands and pockets! Sheesh... guess it's back to the store for baby food this week.

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Patrice said...

Sorry the baby food won out over the tuna fudge! I am going to have my mom makesome tuna fudge for me, it looks rather yummy!!!