Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pico has a Breakthrough

Pico is turning out to be a bright, highly motivated little dog. Some things he gets right away (sitting to get his leash on, 'paw', 'sit', 'up', 'belly'). Other things need time and tweaking ('stay', 'come', 'heel').
Now that I have typed out those lists, I see that he quickly gets the tricks with the instant rewards! I'm guessing this means that he needs more frequent reinforcement on the tricks he isn't getting so quickly (am I right Linda?)
Today, Mike and I took both dogs hiking which can be a true trial of patience as Gilda herds Pico the minute he is off leash (and even sometimes when he is on leash which is lots of fun!)
Pico had a real breakthrough with his heeling on leash during this walk! It was like a little light went off in his little head which said, "Oh! You mean if I walk right next to you, with a loose leash, I get FOOD?!"
He is a work in progress!

{I'll count to ten and then RUN}

{Ready or not, Here I Come!}

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