Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keeping it in Perspective

Gilda had a busy dog day today. Today was Doggie Brigade day and she spent a stressful 1.5 hours at the hospital. She still seems a little mystified that her job there is to simply get petted and do a few tricks for treats. While walking through a congested hallway with two-way traffic, I was stopped by a co-worker who wanted to tell me that her son was in the hospital. Trying my best to be polite to my friend, I was also trying to keep a close eye on Gilda. I could sense that all of people going in both directions had her radar up. Despite the short (2-foot) leash I was holding, Gilda decided, in her lightening quick way, that a toddler needed to be herded and she swung around and was ready to spring in to action. Her reaction time is blazing fast.

Other than that small incident, she did so well that I heard things like, "What a great dog!", "Wow! I wish I could get my dog to do that!", "I'd love to bring my dog here but he could never pass the test", and "You must really know what you're doing with dog training."

I left there feeling really good about my little rescue girl and how far she's come...

...And then we went to Agility class! We had a good class with Gilda moving well during some Pinwheel/ Front Cross work.
Poor Pico however, had to go back to kindergarten thanks to my novice training techniques! He seemed perplexed that we were working on boring sits and 2x2s all over again! (We did let him run through a tunnel at the end for fun).

We still have so much to learn! Sometimes watching other people's dogs perform makes me realize how much more we have to learn and conquer when it comes to training and handling. Suddenly, I wasn't feeling like the wonderfully talented dog owner that I had just hours before. :)

It's amazing (and often a good thing) that your surroundings can totally change your perspective!

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