Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It was kind of a fluke that I even heard about this Dog Sport from Germany. I somehow managed to overhear a fellow AU Agility student saying that she had to leave League Play early to go to "Tribe Ball Class". And then I heard her say that it's like herding without the sheep! (Just ask Mike and he'll tell you the awesomeness of my eavesdropping skills). Thanks to Diana and Mackey (THE most beautiful Aussie), I was able to get Gilda into an Intro to Treibball class at Ohio Air Dogs .
We had our first class last night and it was very interesting! The class consists of Diana & Mackey, Myself & Gilda, and an older gentleman with a IG/TFT cross named Snoopy. Diana and Mackey clearly have exceptional skills, I am mediocre at best, and our classmate seems to have had little to no clicker training at all. He spent the class chattering away and giving out orders at a breakneck pace. Poor little Snoopy looked bewildered most of the time.
Gilda surprised me. She seemed happy to be at a new 'school' and learned very quickly to go around an orange cone on the commands 'come bye' and 'away'. The instructor, Marie, then brought out an orange exercise ball with a homemade support.

{Gilda's new toys}

Gilda was quickly willing to leave my side to go around the ball in both directions! Next we introduced a target stick. Gilda already has a solid hand 'touch' but it didn't immediately transfer to the target stick. She is willing to 'touch' the exercise ball on a spot marked with tape. We will work on 'push' at home this week and I have a feeling she'll do well.
An hour is an extremely long time for Gilda to work on brand new tricks so I was careful to give her plenty of breaks. She acted like a totally normal dog so I'm not sure Marie understood how stressy she can be! She did a few frustrated run offs but was always willing to return to me and continue working.
I was truly thrilled with her performance and hope that she continues to enjoy this new activity!

For more info on Treibball see the American Treibball Association's website or call them: 303.718.7705

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