Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treibball Class!

{Gilda hanging with Mackey!}

We had class 5/6 last night at Ohio Air Dogs and Gilda did very well.

{Mackey driving}

{Gilda driving

{Snoopy driving}

During practice at home, Gilda does well with 'around the clock' work and ball pushing but has difficulty combining the two skills (which is not surprising since we've only been at this for about 4 weeks!). We also need to work on our 'Out' since the dogs are required to leave the handler's side and travel around to the point ball to start the game. Distance work is not our forte at the time!

{Gilda performs a
"go to mat" during class}

I am so thankful that Marie seems to really understand Gilda and notices immediately when her stress levels rise. Marie does a great job of keeping the class like the fun game that it's meant to be.

{Gilda works 3 balls}

Gilda does really well at the facility and stays calm and focused with the other dogs. Treibball seems to be quite an effective confidence builder!

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Catalina said...

Awesome job! What a team you 2 are :) Gilda looks really relaxed! It looks like a fun game. That picture of tiny Snoopy with the giant ball is so funny!