Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treibball I Graduation!

{wtg Gilda!}

Last night was our final Treibball I class and Gilda tore it up! She had quite possibly her best class EVER!
She was focused and working and best of all, she was confident and happy with a wagging tail to prove it...
Unfortunately, I took no recording devices with me to this class and therefore, you'll have to trust my firsthand account.

We started the class by having the dogs drive one ball in the in the opposite direction that we had been working during prior classes. All three dogs did fine with this task. Next, we worked on our "Out and Down". This is a challenge because it's apparently not nearly as much fun as pushing the ball! The goal is for the handler and dog to start at the goal. The handler gives the "Out" cue and the dog should run in an arc around the balls until the handler cues a stop at which time the dog should automatically Down. Obviously, this will take lots of practice. Gilda is willing to go out so long as I am going with her. She is also willing to down behind the balls but wants to be really close to them when she does it.
{Mackey LOVES to push the ball!}

{Note the tail wag!}

For our third exercise, we had each dog drive 5 balls! I wasn't sure how this was going to go but Gilda did great! She stayed focused for the entire exercise and drove the balls one by one for a pretty good distance!

I am thrilled with my little speckled dog's progress in just 5 short weeks...

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Catalina said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome!