Thursday, March 1, 2012

Even a Bad Day is a Good Agility Day...

I am thrilled with how well both dogs are doing in Agility class! Gilda is anxious to get going, wags her tail frequently, is jumping well and attacks at least the non-moving part of the Teeter :).

{Go Gilda!}

Pico Loves to work and is tenacious in his quest to figure out what we are asking him to do. He has good handler-focus and a high stress threshold. He is so dang cute to watch too...
We continued working on Pico's Jumping skills asking him to both collect and wrap and to Jump in extension using my position and the reward as cues. He definitely prefers extension (and regularly demonstrates these around the house!) so we'll continue to work on Collected Jumping with him.

{Little Leaper!}

We did an exercise in which I jogged past a series of Jumps without cueing. Pico got a C/T if he voluntarily took the Jump. He did very well but crossed behind me a few times so we'll continue working on his right and left side Shadow Handling to remedy that.
Next, we did some Table work with Pico. After first asking for a 'Down' on the flat, he quickly offered one on the Table. Such a good little problem solver! We started Proofing his 'Down until Release cue' and will continue working on that too. Lastly, we did some Running Contact work on the Dogwalk He loves to run and did well only jumping off of the Contact once in 4 or 5 runs. Not bad for a greenie.
After 30 minutes of making very dramatic (and hilarious) noises in her crate, Gilda was raring to get her turn. She impressed Jessica with her very enthusiastic (for Gilda) Jumping! Last week in class, she would drop to a 'Down' after each jump. This week there were no 'Downs' and she was turning and wrapping nicely.
We worked a Table A-Frame Tunnel sequence a few times and I was thrilled with Gilda's performance!
Next we worked on Sends through a Straight Tunnel. Starting with a run, I would decelerate before the Tunnel entrance as I was cueing Gilda through. This told her to turn and come back to me when she was through the Tunnel. This was brand new for her and I think she did well considering.

{Turning After a Send}

In case I haven't said it, I am thrilled with both dogs!!

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andrea said...

Wow Pico does look like a leggy Thea - amazing! Funnily enough Thea will also blind cross me if the mood strikes - she's much better about it than she was but OH LA - there have been some days that I really have to work to keep her onside!