Monday, May 28, 2012

First Ever Run-Through!

I am so excited!
Our home turf, The Agility Underground,
hosted a Run-Through on 5/27 and I took Pico along to see how he would do...

... He was great! Other than a little crate barking, he was thrilled to be there, happy to perform, and relaxed enough to hang out with me on the sidelines performing simple attention exercises! Having no idea what to expect, I was thrilled.

I think it was ideal to have our first Run-Through on familiar ground. Pico has been going there with Gilda and me since September 2011. He started his own lessons there in February 2012. To him, the place is all fun and games!

There were 4 courses to choose from which was really awesome. We chose the Novice Jumper course which had 10 obstacles, no weaves and no teeter:

We bought 2 runs for $4 each. During our first 2 minute run, we were able to run the course 3 times. Afterwards, Jessica was kind enough to offer some handling tips which we used on our second 2 minute run. During our second attempt, we ran the course 2 times.

I thought it was of utmost importance to make sure that this was a positive experience so that's where we ended. I would have loved to have stayed all day but I felt it was better for Pico to end on a good note. He did seem exhausted once we were home so I think it was a good thought!

Run-Throughs are great because they give teams great practice at memorizing new courses, trying out different handling techniques, and exposing dogs to a trial environment all without the stress of a real judged trial.

I couldn't be happier with my tiny dog!


russellbaby said...

My little JRT Sprite also had her first run-thru Sunday at Agility Underground. It went well for us also.
You are so lucky to have such a nice facility.
We saw your runs, had no idea it was your first time out. Good job!

WonderPupsMom said...

I'm hoping you see this... I just found your post today (I'm not dealing with my new blogger format very well!). I can't tell you how much your words touched me! Being a novice handler, I need all the encouragement I can get! I'm sorry we didn't meet. I'm sure I would have loved Sprite! I was trying to keep it a positive experience for Pico. I would love to email with you but your address didn't pup up (grrrr). Thanks again for taking the time to write!