Thursday, June 21, 2012

Go Pico

Pico continues to love Agility. Even with blazing hot days and long courses he is a little trouper!

Last night in class, we worked on a 17-obstacle modified (low teeter, no weaves) Novice Standard course and I'd say he did pretty well!

I was thrilled that I was able to memorize the course and picture it (for the most part) while running. This is definitely progress for our little green team. I am still not very confident about doing this without Jessica's guidance but that day is coming!

With Pico progressing so nicely, I have decided to join the Agility club that is hosting what will be his first CPE trail in August. This way I can get him working in the building before the trial and hopefully eliminate that part of the stress for him. We will see how my plan works out!

The hot weather is definitely hard on Gilda as she doesn't tolerate heat well at all. Otherwise I think she is enjoying her hiatus from Agility. We are doing much more clicker training and she seems to like that in her own Gilda way!


andrea said...

a very very good plan!

If you can handle a 17 obstacle course you'll have tons of fun with CPE :)

WonderPupsMom said...

Thanks Andrea! I am really looking forward to our first trial in a couple weeks. Pico has done great in practice at the new building and is willing to work so I think it will be tons of fun...