Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dr. Yin Touched my Dog!

I was asked by The Behavior Clinic to bring Gilda to participate in this event:

"Sophia Yin Presents: Fear and Aggression in the Vet Clinic; A Seminar and Workshop!"

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I only knew that a) I was super stoked to see Dr. Yin in action as I have read (and love) her book, 'How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves' and b) I'm always up for taking Gilda to new adventures in public.

As it turned out, Gilda was one of the demo dogs used by the veterinarians and veterinary technicians that were attending the seminar. Dr. Yin was teaching safe,  low-stress handling techniques as the workshop portion of her seminar.

{Demonstrating the towel technique!}

Gilda was surprisingly good right out of the car, heeling and accepting treats despite lots of people and dogs. She had a short wait in the portable crate where she ignored her stuffed Kong and she was very eager to come back out!

She was mesmerized by the bowls and bowls of sliced hot dogs (something she never gets at home) and wasn't distressed in the least about being left with 2 strangers! She was stressed with the handling and especially with being put up on a table but she kept on accepting treats and did very well.

[I am very happy that I didn't choose Pico because hot dogs or not, he would have snapped, no doubt!]

{Dr. Yin (center) Handling Gilda!}

It really was a thrill to see Dr. Yin in action. She is every bit as calm, kind, and caring as I expected after reading her book!


Vertigo said...

Wow! How lucky! Sophia Yin has many piles of knowledge in her brain. Would so most love to meet!

She most great at showing dogs how to be happy with grooming and touching. Self tells Sidekick to use her techniques when doing nail cutting!

Laurel said...

Yeah, I would have LOVED to attend this event -- though probably had to leave my dog behind.