Sunday, September 16, 2012

What About Gilda?

With Pico trialing now and taking Agility lessons, I haven't posted much about my beloved Gilda...

{Gilda happily unaware of the tiny demon behind her!}

Well, she's doing great! She is now under the care of Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Elizabeth Feltes at The Behavior Clinic. Dr. Feltes is trying some pharmacologic therapy to help Gilda with her stress and obsessive behavior. Her KPA certified veterinary technician Amanda, is helping us on the training end.

So for now, Gilda gets lots of walks (13 miles yesterday!) and lots of pond swimming and clicker training sessions in an effort to keep her stress lower so that we can better assess how the medications are working. They seem to be helping her a bit. She is sweeter with us giving more tail wags and licks and letting us pet her for longer than usual. The meds have not helped at all with her obsessive behaviors so we are still working on that!

Occasionally I take her along with us to Pico's agility class. She usually seems content in the safety of the crate. This week however, she completely ignored her peanut butter stuffed Kong and protested the fact that I was out there playing with Pico. At the end of class, I got her out and asked for a couple jumps just to see if that's why she was vocalizing.

As I was walking both dogs (Gilda off leash) to the door to go outside, Gilda performed the Teeter on her own!!! This is huge so of course I made a fuss. When the class after ours cancelled, Jessica suggested I just see what she'd do out there.

Gilda happily ran a course with me twice! And she was fabulous. I was so happy that I nearly cried.

{Cutest Demo Dog Ever!}

Today we are headed to The Behavior Clinic so that Gilda can be a demo dog for none other than Dr. Sophia Yin! You might say I'm little excited about it all!!!!!!!!!

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