Monday, October 22, 2012


Pico attended his second-ever CPE trial this weekend at Medina Swarm Agility AND he earned his very first Qualifying Score (Q) ever!

I decided to run a Colors course for the first time. The course map showed a 'circles' course and a 'squares' course. Diane (Karma's mom) and I decided that we liked the 'circles' course and we studied it like crazy!

When we got out there to walk the course, it was labeled with orange pumpkins and yellow pumpkins! I was nervous and overwhelmed already and could not figure out if the circle course was the orange pumpkins or the yellow pumpkins! And so it began...

During the briefing, Judge Becky Dean, advised us to walk both of the courses so that if our dogs took a different #4 than our original plan, we could then take the other course. I was still stuck on trying to figure out which course was the circle course but decided to go ahead and walk both. I didn't really want to but I followed her advice and tried both. I actually ended up choosing the yellow pumpkin course which was the squares course).

We all left the ring to get our dogs ready and there was an announcement: Apparently the yellow pumpkin course was mis-numbered and we'd all have to put our dogs away and re-walk the course. Being our first run of the day, my nerves were up and this, combined with the pumpkins and the shapes... Gaaaaaaa!

So I re-walked the course, still choosing yellow pumpkins and I went to get Pico who was second in the running order.

Pico had a perfect start line stay. I released him with an "okay. jump!" and off we went. Jump, Tunnel, Jump, Jump... and then, I was lost! Pico, running fast, made his own decision and took the tunnel (off course) which gave me enough time to collect my thoughts. I called Pico out of the tunnel and we took Jump, Jump, Tunnel, Jump, Tunnel, Jump !

I was sure I had blown it! BUT, in CPE Level 1, some faults are allowed. Pico had 5 faults for the off-course but finished within time and so we QUALIFIED and got First Place for all 4 of the 8" jumpers!

I was surprised when my friend Diane (Karma) said, "Go up and get your ribbons" and even more surprised when Julie (Blitz) said, "Take a green ribbon for your Q and a blue for your place".  At this point, I was still sure I had blown it by getting lost.

My friend Megan (Joey & Lily) who was in the ring during our run, said, "Remember? I told you that you Qd!" but what I had to explain to her was that I don't hear anything from 5 minutes before we go in to 5 minutes after we come outof the ring!

It really was exciting to get a Q because it gives me the feeling that we are making progress. Pico doesn't care about ribbons or Qs, he just wants to run and eat chicken baby food when he's done!

Our second run was Jumpers Level 1. I had plenty of time to study the course map and felt really good about it once we walked it. My initial concern was the angle of Jump 1 to Jump 2.

Pico once again had a solid start line stay. When I told him "Okay, jump", he jumped #1 and then sailed around the far side of #2. He also bypassed #3 and then took off straight for the starting gate! This was the first time he has ever zoomed off.  I was able to reel him in but I wasn't sure if CPE rules allowed me to go back and redo 2 jumps so I just circled him around, did Jump 3 and we were on our way. We may have had another issue or two... it's all a blur now but the fact that he didn't take Jump 2 gave us an NQ. His time put him in 2nd place among three 8" dogs. I did find out later that we could have circled around and taken #2 and #3. Live and Learn!

Standard Level 1 was our final run of the day and I loved the course on paper!

I also loved the course when we walked it. I felt like it was very appropriate for our level of ability.

For this event, Pico was the only 8" jumper in Level 1. Once again, my little friend had a solid Start Line Stay. He is so cute just sitting there like a serious little soldier.

Apparently he'd been drinking some jet fuel because the minute I released him, he took off at full speed! He took Jump 1, climbed the A Frame and shot through Tunnel 3! I was attempting a Front Cross at the exit of the tunnel when he blasted through. He apparently knew what I was trying to tell him because he blew past me and into tunnel 4! I was sort of able to harness his speed a bit and got him over Jump 5 and Jump 6 but he just kept running a straight line. I called him back and got him around the pinwheel of Jumps 7, 8 and 9 and onto the Dog walk. I needed to stay close in order to keep him on the Dog walk until the end but I also needed to Front Cross at the end. He was moving fast and barely watching me! We did manage to get the last 3 jumps and Pico earned another Q and of course First Place since he was the only dog in his class!

Our classmate Karma ran the same three events and also had great results. They were both exhausted by the end of the day:

{Karma & Pico with some of their winnings
and Diane's foot again!}

Also, our friend Brodie stopped by with her Aunt Melinda to show us her Howl-O-Ween costume! She looked great and seemed to really love wearing a dress!

{Scottish Terrier Brodie modeling}

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Catalina said...

Congratulations! I love hearing about your trials and Pico is so cute with his ribbons :) Love those big ears