Friday, February 22, 2013

2x2s: Learning to Weave

Pico is really starting to move along on his Weave Poles now. I, myself, have been a big impediment to his learning because I have never taught a dog to Weave before!

Initally we started with Channel Weaves because I own a set of 6. Pico did not seem to 'get' this process at all. Our instructors at Agility Underground are very well versed in teaching Weave Poles via the 2x2 method so that's what we tried next!

It took awhile for Pico to really understand that his entrance is as important as going through the poles. It's a lot of information at once for a dog (Hmmmm... sort of like learning dog training and Agility Handling at the same time!)

He is now, very reliably,  Weaving through 2 open sets of 2x2s so I am starting to transition him to 2 'closed' or straight sets of poles. I would say he is about 50% accurate. Just when I think he's got it, I switch sides and he misses a set. It's all part of the process. Moving to 2 straight sets progressed much more quickly than adding the second set of open poles though so I think we are moving in the right direction now.

Here's what he looked like today (and remember, I still need video editing help... badly!)

Our next step will be to start moving the 2 straight sets together and then Weaving will really begin!!

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