Monday, February 25, 2013

Dr. Linda Randall: Featured on Vets On Call!

{Linda Randall and Rose Randall!}
The dogs and I were incredibly honored when our friend and Agility Instructor, Dr. Linda Randall, asked us to be a part of her Veterinarians On Call videotaping!

While  Gilda & Pico have both been to see Dr. Randall on veterinary visits, they are more likely to associate her with Agility fun and lots of treats so they really were good candidates for this filming. (Plus they're so darn cute and photogenic!) You can clearly see in the video how excited they are when Linda enters the room!

{On Location: G&P were far more interested in Dr. Randall's African Grey Parrot!}

As many of you know, I would rather be just about anywhere  than to be the center of attention. I agreed to do it because Linda has helped us and so many other 'animal peeps' in so many ways. I was glad to at least return the favor in some small part. Like many of her clients, I would do almost anything to help her.

The Veterinarians On Call YouTube series is an outreach program designed to show the public that Veterinarians provide infinitely more services than just routine pet care and emergency calls.

Gilda & Pico's visit focused on behavioral help. Leah's visit, which is highlighted in Dr. Randall's Feature Video revolves around a mass that was discovered by her owner, Angie.

The video also does an excellent job of telling the story of how Linda came to be a Veterinarian and why she perseveres in the challenging field of Veterinary Science.

One of the many things that makes Dr. Randall so unique is that she also operates a second dog-related business, Agility Underground (AU) . Linda not only trains and competes with her own dogs at AU but also teaches Agility Classes, organizes seminars and presentations,  oversees Agility Run-Throughs and Winter Agility League and handles the maintenance and upgrades of the building and equipment. I am hoping that this interesting facet of her practice may all be covered in a future episode of Vets On Call.

Please take a few minutes and check it out for yourself!

Great job Linda, the crew at Cloverleaf Animal Hospital and all the people and animals who participated!

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Laurel said...

Dee, it was great seeing you and the dogs in this video! you directed me to Dr. Randall, who was kind enough to write me back. But she was SO discouraging about my dog Ladybug -- pretty much said it was a hopeless situation and she could not help. That was a real low point, I have to say. She is a remarkable person, as I don't know of any other female African American vets, so I wish we'd had a happier experience. She seems so great with the dogs here (most of whom as BCs!)