Monday, March 11, 2013

A Trialing We Will Go...

We took a drive to Washingtonville, OH to trial at 4 Seasons K9 Athlete Center yesterday and we had a great time!

{Waiting Patiently}
Our first run was Standard Level 1:

My plan was to send Pico through tunnel 1 and front cross so that he would be on my right for Jump 2 and DogWalk 3. My theory was that I would block him from taking the A Frame after the jump.
My plan was not a good plan and he did indeed take the A Frame! He came right back to me, and he took the DogWalk and sailed through the rest of the course for a 5 fault Q! He was moving nice and fast so even with the off-course, he finished with nearly 20 seconds to spare! I was a little concerned about the last 3 jumps since they were all askew. Pico seems to have trouble with a line of jumps at the end and has run straight to the exit chute instead of jumping. Also, if I'm not careful and step toward him, I tend to push him away from me and out and around the jumps. I was careful during my walk through to try and visualize his path so that I could better parallel it. I'm not sure if I did that during the run but he did take all 3 jumps! He really looked like he was running happy. I was trying my best to be lighthearted out there with him.

This run means that Pico can now run in Standard Level 2!! This also earned him his second Title making him, Pico, CL1-R, CL1-H. He still doesn't care about these things...

Next up was our Colors Level 2 Run. I like Colors courses because they are short and sweet. I tend to stress less over Colors because I do better memorizing fewer obstacles! I think Pico appreciates the shorter courses too.

I chose the 'Circles' course. He was slightly distracted at the Start Line with the activity behind him but then seemed to settle in.
He took Jump, Jump, Tire Tunnel well and somehow read my rickety Front Cross!
After Jump 6, I unintentionally pulled Pico to the right and thought he was going to miss the entrance to Tunnel 7. He somehow pulled it off though! I thought he was paying good attention for the entire course and was thrilled with his speed. The SCT was 39 seconds and he ran it in 17.05 even with the slight hesitation at 7. Such a good boy!

We had long waits in between runs and Pico decided that his crate was a pretty nice place to chill-out! This is huge for us. Pico came to us with crate-induced panic. I had never seen (or heard!) a dog with such sheer terror as when he was crated. Needless to say, he has destroyed 2 soft-sided crates since we got him. Now, he tolerates crating but feels a whole lot better about it if he can see me while he's in there. He still does not care for movement outside of his crate but we are working on that during trials and it is improving.

We were standing in line ready to run our Wildcard Level 2 when Mike showed up. I was thrilled to see him and so was Pico. Pico was so thrilled in fact, that after the third obstacle, he decided that he didn't want to play Agility nearly as much as he wanted to find his Dad! I was able to corral him a bit more than once but the time buzzer went off when we had one obstacle to go! It was not our prettiest run :)

We had also signed up to run Snooker Level 2 but decided that the wait was too long and scratched. Pico seemed like he was done and we had a long drive back.

{Earning Qs is hard work!}

We are so fortunate to have such a great Agility Family. Diane (Karma), Lia (Pogo), Diana (Ginger), Toni (Jack & Chase) and I (Pico!) had a great day of laughs and camaraderie. There are also lots of teams we are just getting to know. It is so nice to have such a strong support system. Now to plan our next trial...