Monday, May 13, 2013


It's been awhile since I've blogged! Pico is still plugging away and is still loving Agility...

{The Picolator in his conformation pose}

We trialed 3 runs in Wadworth on April 21 and got a Q in Wildcard Level 2 and a Q in Jumpers Level 2!
Our Snooker fail was entirely my fault and I erred on the 3rd red jump! We were nearly done with the Snooker and Pico was very focused. There is nothing like hearing the judge say, "Thank You!"

We finished up another session of Agility Classes and we have started naming Pico's 6 straight weaves! Very exciting stuff! He is not quite reliable enough yet to ask him to weave in a trial but he should be ready by our July trial. We have also had some nice Teeter work from him since he met a 'bad' teeter and started bailing at the pivot point. I can only hope that he will learn to love the Teeter as much as he loves the dang Table!

Speaking of which, we have a CPE trial coming up on May 19 in Washingtonville. Pico is entered in FullHouse Level 1, Snooker Level 2, and WildCard Level 2! (I didn't sign up for Colors because Pico is now Level 3 and I just don't think he's ready to see trial weaves and a teeter yet).
Fullhouse will be our first run of the day... Pico has yet to Q in this race because he is magically drawn to the table. Touching the table stops the clock and ends the game! I think he's made as many as 2 obstacles before disregarding all of my cues and running for the Table! We will see how he does... Cross your paws!

Gilda has been coming with us to weekly practices and she improves each week. She is now shadow handling at full speed. She is also  jumping 12" and taking Tunnels and The A Frame. Last week, I asked her for a Jump, Tunnel, Dog Walk and she balked at the DW. I don't remember that being a problem for her before but apparently it is now!

The most incredible Gilda news is that she has (finally!) learned to ignore the dogs behind the fence at the Agility site. She now eagerly looks to me and heels off-leash the entire length of the outdoor Agility field despite Pico running and barking along the fence line. Considering that she couldn't take 2 steps of Loose Leash Walking a year ago, I am thrilled and amazed. It truly seemed to just click for her one day. I was shocked but luckily was ready with attention and treats!  I keep thinking that if she can have a breakthrough of this magnitude, in this environment, she is capable of having epiphanies elsewhere too!

We start a new class session next week with 1 new team (Tori/Mayhem) and one former classmate team (Diane/Karma). I am looking forward to the challenge of learning in a group class!

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