Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pico Goes to Dog Camp 2013!

I do not like hot weather. I hate humidity. And, as everyone (thanks to Rachel O) knows, I am terrified of spiders. Dog Camp has an abundance of ALL of these things. So, as Karin asked me,
Why do I come to Dog Camp? Because of all of its Awesomeness!

The Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience was formed by Karin, Abigail, and Kristin in 2007.

"The Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience is an overnight camp for teens age 13-18 and their dogs. Our TAGteach Level One certified staff place an emphasis on science-based training, improving training, and teaching and leadership skills. Like any camp, we do campfires, crafts, games, and make new friends. But unlike most camps, we do lots of agility, obedience, showmanship, and other dog sports. While fending off near exhaustion from 4 days of activities that were too exciting to miss, campers were heard already making plans for later in the summer and next year's camp."
{Note: Karin and Abigail now have their Level Two TAGteach Certification!}

2013 was the 6th year that camp was held at Houston's Country Dream Resort near Marietta, OH. Each year, the Houston's kindly open their huge agility building as well as the red cabin and blue cabin to 12 enthusiastic teen female campers, 5 tireless, equally enthusiastic, counselors, one nurse with an early bedtime, and 20 dogs (if my count is correct)!!!

{Pico the Nurse Dog reporting to Red Cabin for Duty}

The schedule of events is exhausting just to look at!

THURSDAY ( Noon to 11pm):
Campers Arrive/TAGulator Craft
Lunch/Intro to Clicker
Agility Stations
CU Games/Impulse Control
Free Time (1 hour)
Scent Games
Obedience Stations
Training Game

FRIDAY (7am to 11pm):
Play/Pet Photo/Conditioning
Veterinary Skills/Problem Solving
Lunch/Tug Making craft
Free Time (1 hour)
Obedience Stations
TAGteach Intro
TAGteach activities
Shaping Observing-Food/Toy
Shape Counselor Dogs

SATURDAY (7am to 11pm):
Play/Pet Photography/Conditioning
Soapbox/Mat/Crate Games
Culture Clash Activity/Behavior
Free Time
Obedience Games
Training/Stimulus Control Game
Agility Scrabble
Dinner (Tacos)
Blindfolded Cupcake Decorating Contest
Tricks/Service Dog/Shaping

{Results of the Blindfolded Cupcake Decorating!}

SUNDAY (7am to 2pm):
Agility Games
Husbandry Health
Non Dog Agility
Campers Choice
Wrap Up/Evaluations

These campers and counselors are busy! throughout the session, I heard lots of laughing and no complaining! These are truly amazing people who practice positive reinforcement in every area of their lives!

This year, there was a nice mix of returning campers and new campers. Two of the counselors this year (Rachelle and Rachel) were former campers and did a fantastic job in their leadership roles providing teaching and guidance.

The OTDE also encourages leadership through their Teen Counselor program. This year, Hannah, Myranda, Helen and Bree, all did a great job teaching and helping the new campers. These are the 6 that will carry on camp in years to come (and maybe even run the world!)

2013 Camper Teams (in no particular order):
{Abby 'LaughsALot' and Gilmore the tireless!}

{Ada and 'I love my Ada' Fletcher!}

{Bree and the incredible flying Scotty!}

{Cassy and Ace the Wonder Dog!}

{'BrokenFoot' Emma and Quincy her steady companion!}

{Hannah and Crazy 'rub my belly' Wesley!}

{Helen and 'I'll stay on my mat forever' Maddie}

{Katie and Chase the Amazing BC!}

{Kayleigh and the beautiful, shy Brennen!}

{Myranda and 'I make my own course' Duke!}

{Sydney and 'Super Cute' Shadow!}

{Rachelle and 'Fuzzball' Autumn!}

I was thrilled that Pico was invited to come along to Dog Camp this year and I was very proud of him during his first-ever Dog Camp! He got to work on his Weaves, and join in on Agility Scrabble (he still feels terrible for taking the Tunnel instead of the Dog Walk) and while he was a little fearful of a few of the dogs, He was kind to all of the new people he met,
{Meeting Bree and Hannah after a nearly 3 hour car ride}

He had no issues walking the enormous hill multiple times a day,
{Little Pico, Big Hill}

He made new dog friends,

{Pico and Dazz hanging out}

And made himself right at home:

{Pico and his Pig Prize}

{Water Bowl or Swimming Pool?}

{Dog Camp Rocks!}
I will add more photos as they come in from other (better) photographers! I'll also add any camper/counselor comments I get. Thanks to all for a great time at Dog Camp 2013!

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