Saturday, June 1, 2013

Veterinarians On Call: Part 2

Veterinarians On Call has released another video featuring our friend, Dr. Linda Randall, Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, and The Agility Underground! As I had hoped, this video spotlights Linda's involvement with Agility.

Pico, the unlikely Agility dog, has ended up with a feature spot! Somewhere around Jan/Feb 2013, we were invited to be filmed during a 'virtual vet visit' for the Veterinarians On Call program. Our visit really centered around Gilda and her behavioral issues and treatment so it was interesting to see Pico featured! I was also interviewed and it's interesting to hear the parts of the interview that they chose to keep. The film crew also filmed our Agility class later the same day and there is some nice footage of Pico running. He was fairly new to Agility at filming and I think he looks really good. He definitely looks like he's having a great time! Pico's classmate Karma can be seen in the opening montage and looks especially cute performing the Teeter! You can see Diane's hand treating her too :)

Here is the video:

Once again, a great job by everyone involved both human and animal!

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