Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Agility Underground Winter League 2014

Once again we had a great Winter League at Agility Underground! We had 9 teams of 3 dog/handler teams.
This year's schedule was:

Team Relay

All events were run with a Judge, Scribe, and Timer as in a 'real' trial setting.

I remember during last year's League Play thinking, "By next year's League, Pico will be Weaving". I was right and wrong... He is weaving but only at home and in practice. Because of this, our results were less than stellar for our team, 'Flat, Rat & Gnat' (Jack, a Flat Coated Retriever with Toni; Henry, a Rat Terrier with Marilyn; and Pico who can be gnat-like)

Our last run of the season was Team Relay and Marilyn was out of town which meant that Jack & Pico would have to carry the team. Luckily, Kelly is a thoughtful Judge and designed one of the 3 relay courses without Weaves or a Teeter!

The courses looked like this:

Jack & Toni were kind enough to run the Open Circles (1) and Dark Circles (2) courses and Pico and I ran the Open Squares course (3). I was surprised to hear some people avoiding the (3) course because their dog did not like the A-Frame. It seems that many dogs have obstacles they don't prefer.

While walking the course, I planned keep Pico on my left and do a Rear Cross One the Flat (RCOTF) After Jump 6 so that I could forward send him to the Tunnel at 7.
I changed my plan after watching a few runs before ours. One team did a Forward Cross on the Landing side of Jump 5, sent the dog over Jump 6 off of her right and into the Tunnel 7. I immediately started practicing this move in my head.

Another team did my original plan with RCOTF after Jump 6 and the dog went straight into Tunnel 2.

Thanks to Linda's filming and editing talents, here is our run:

I felt great about the run and I was thrilled that a few people said that Pico looked really happy. When I watched the video though, I could see I need to work on maintaining my line (8 to 9), my FC (after 6), and on trusting Pico (9 to 10)!

Looks like Linda's got her work cut out for her when our lessons begin in 2 weeks :)

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