Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Good, The Bad, & The Teeter

Pico and I attended a CPE trial at Medina Swarm on Sunday July 6, 2014. As a Medina Swarm member, I was able to take Pico to 'Open Gym' night a few times and he was doing the Teeter and Weaves there just fine :)

{Some of the AU Crew: Alicia & Marty, Alyssa & Harper, Sweetie's Owner (sorry)
 & Sweetie, Team Pico}

The first run for us was Snooker Level 3 and the course was:

My plan was to do Red 5, Red 6, Red 3 as our open for 17 points. We would then use our new Backside Jump skill (cue word 'Quick') on #2 and run 3-7c as our close for a total of 44 points.
While Pico did not have a good Start Line Stay, he did follow my plan beautifully including his beloved 'Quick' at Obstacle 2.
We finished with a Run Time of 36.87 (game time 50) and 44 points for our 3rd Qualifying Snooker 3 run. Thank you Judge Margaret for the Weave-less Snooker course!

Jumpers 4 was a nice, flowy course:

With my Rear Crosses still needing some timing work, I chose to start Pico on my Left for 1-2-3-4. I Front Crossed after 4 and kept him on my right for 5-6-7-8-9-19-11-12-13. I Front Crossed after 13 and sent him over 14 and 15 off of my Left, Rear Crossed him over 16 and picked him up on my Right for 17 and 18.
I made a few small bobbles along the way but I was happy with my FCs and Pico was focused and swift. H was so swift in fact, that at the end, he never stopped. He ran from the last obstacle, out the gate and straight to his crate! I was mortified and a little concerned that now we had a new problem to fix!
We ran the 44 second course in 36.22 and finished with a Clean Q for our first Level 4 Jumpers run!

A Non Traditional Jackpot was next. We were running Level 4 so we needed 24 points in our Open. The rules were:
'After the whistle, must complete 1,3, and 5 point obstacle (in any order) then go to the table. Jackpot (including table) is worth 2-4-6-8 for a total of 20 points.'

My plan was to start with the Tunnel (3) Jump (1) A-Frame (5) Tunnel (3) 5 Point Combo (5) Tunnel (3) Jump (1) Jump (1) Double (3) [This is where I thought the whistle might blow so that I could take the A-Frame, Jump, Tunnel, Table for our Jackpot]
We followed the plan perfectly... But there was no whistle so I took the Tunnel (3) Jump (1) Tunnel (3). We were heading for the Double Jump (3), The Whistle Blew, and Pico took the Double at which point Margaret called out "2!", I took the A-Frame and heard Margaret call out "4!", I took the Jump and she called out "6!" At this point, I was confused and thought I missed something but I sent Pico to the Table, heard Margaret call "8!" and figured we were okay. I was more than thrilled that this run ended with a Table because Pico is trained to perform a 'down' and he is pretty reliable. There was no quick exiting on this course. Phew!
We ended up with a 49 point, first place Qualifying Run and a new title: Strategy Games Level 3 :)

Last up was our Nemesis: Standard 2...

I started Pico on my Left and we ran 1-2-3... He got right onto the Teeter, ran about halfway up, and stopped. I tried to keep moving forward, I maintained eye contact with him, and try to be encouraging. I really thought he was going to do it but he bailed off. I sent him through 5 and I FCd to send him to the Weaves off of my Right. He had a good entry but failed to collect for the second pole. I restarted him twice trying to give him a good, straight-on entry but he did the same thing all three times. We moved on... He took 7-8-9-10-11-12-13 and then sailed wide Left around the A-Frame! We took the last 2 jumps and called it a day. To my relief, he waited to have his collar put on before going to his crate.There was no Chicken Baby Food after this run much to Pico's dismay...

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