When beginning Agility training, much of your time will be spent introducing you and your dog to the obstacles. The goal initially is that the dog be comfortable moving on and around the equipment. Some dogs are bold and fearless right from the start while other dogs are timid and fearful of new sights, sounds, and experiences. The good news is, both types of dogs can participate in Agility! Most instructors are proficient at adjusting their training to the dog's needs. Don't be discouraged if the early going is slow. Chances are your dog will surprise you by being quite quick to learn in another area of training.
Beginning classes concentrate on teaching the each of the Obstacles separately and usually start with 'easier' Obstacles like the Open Tunnel, Single Jumps, the Table and a low Dogwalk.
Once the dog is fairly confident about moving on and around these obstacles, some sequencing of obstacles can begin while the dog begins training on the more 'difficult' obstacles such as the Chute, the A-Frame and the Weave Poles.
During these early classes, you (the Handler) will be learning Clicker Training, Treat Management, and beginning Handling skills.
This process will vary with each Agility Instructor, Student, and Dog. There is no magic number for how long this process takes. Keep in mind that you want Agility to be a fun activity for your dog. This is the main reason that dogs are never physically forced to get on the equipment or to walk on the obstacles.
It is far more important for your dog to be confident in the agility arena than it is for them to progress quickly.
Remember that the ultimate goal is always for both you and your dog to have fun!

[Rules and equipment dimensions can vary somewhat depending on Agility venues so the following will serve to illustrate the Obstacles only. Your equipment may look different. Your instructor will help you to determine your handling and goals for each one.]

The Tunnel: (One of Gilda's favorites!)

The Jumps: (These include Single Jumps, Double Jumps, Triple Jumps, Broad Jump, Winged Jump and Tire Jump)

{The Tire Jump}
{The Single Jump}

{The Winged Jump}
{The Broad Jump}

The Table: (Sometimes referred to as a Pause Table)

The A-Frame: (Another of Gilda's Faves)

The Chute: (Sometimes referred to as the Closed Tunnel)

The Dogwalk:

The Teeter: (Gilda's Least Fave!)

And Finally, The Weave Poles: